OptOSS AI v8.1.0 - Release

June 03, 2024

🚀 What's New


The CORBA protocol has been onboarded to enhance communication between distributed components and improve network reliability.  The stateful machine now supports CORBA-based interactions.

2. Service Chain Discovery and Visualization

This release improves the Hierarchical component (Manager Instance), offering a comprehensive view for real-time discovery, monitoring, and management of service chains across network domains (Core, Aggregation, Access, etc). 

3. Configuration management

Tracking for configuration changes is enabled now. It is possible to review and compare device configurations.

4. Events streaming monitoring

Enhanced monitoring capabilities now allow for the tracking of events to ensure they are transmitted in the correct sequence and within the designated timeframe. Operators are promptly notified of any discrepancies detected, aiding in the verification that monitored devices are accurately configured and transmitting data reliably.

5. Bulk acknowledgement for notifications

There are situations when multiple notifications require being acknowledged. This feature enables seamless system management and is available only to administrators. 

6. Widgets: TOP Movers Clusters

The newly introduced widgets provide a visualisation of the “trending” issues within a selected period in the monitored network. They also track how these issues evolve over time, offering insights into network performance and stability. 

⭐ Enhancements

  • Clusterisation algorithm improved for enhanced data segmentation accuracy.
  • Anomaly trends graph widgets time-sliding navigation feature:
  • CT Scan configuration now allows for manual scale adjustments. Activation via double click on the title:
  • ‘Restore Classifications’ view conveniently displays all saved classifiers:
  • Licenses management is updated with clearer status indications and notifications. Available in the ‘About’ view:
  • Date format standardised to YYYYMMDD across the product for uniform clarity.