OptOSS AI v8.0.0 - Release

March 1, 2024

We are excited to announce OptOSS AI’s latest Major release, version 8.0.0! This release focuses on adding GenAI features to the product as well as user experience enhancements! The changes cover user roles and rights management, user activity audit trail, new options for clustering insights filtering, scaling up network visualisation capabilities, and more.

🚀 What's New

1. Supporting SNMP-v3

This enhancement enables users to leverage advanced security features and authentication mechanisms provided by SNMPv3. Users can now ensure secure and reliable communication with network devices.

2. Semantic AI

This powerful new feature powered by GenAI (LLM) assists operators in interpreting anomaly clusters and their underlying anomaly instances. In the Anomaly Context view, we have added a button “OptOSS AI Advisor”, which allows you to request an explanation of the anomaly from OptOSS AI. OptOSS AI Advisor provides an explanation for the detected anomaly, suggests possible (root) causes, and recommends possible mitigation actions to effectively manage them. This feature will bridge knowledge gaps and enhance the speed at which anomaly clusters can be interpreted by your domain experts. 

3. HELP system

In this version, we introduce context-related help which adapts to the user’s location within the system. By pressing the “HELP” button, users are directed to relevant articles, saving time and facilitating quick access to pertinent information. 

4. Functional licence support 

Starting from version 8.0.0, customers can now tailor the product experience by providing users with solely the required functionality. This introduces flexibility when onboarding OptOSS AI, allowing users to utilise only the necessary features initially and extend functionality as needed.

⭐ Enhancements

​List of other improvements:

  • Each domain can be adjusted with a Window title prefix
  • The GEO Widget has been enhanced with new filters, including threshold filters, bar-size options, and visibility options:
  • Highlight the search term in the table with results for events view:
  • The used libraries have been upgraded to the latest version and security updates
  • New columns added to the classifications table on Restore classification view (ID, Auto) 
  • More Сluster types added are user-customisable (for administrators):
  • Scale feature on CT-Scan improved with ‘Revert’ option - enable the user to restore an initial scale: 
  • Date-time picker component updated