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The OPT/NET AI Engine empowers users to rapidly deploy proven off-the-shelf AI Solutions that deliver real-time insights on any time-series data without a dependence on training data

Geospatial Analytics platform for Earth Observation Data (EOD)
Geospatial + IoT sensory Data Fusion & Analytics platform
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Spaceworthy AI Platform

The AI Engine that powers our AI Platforms & Solutions was enhanced during a business incubation granted by the European Space Agency, where the tool was augmented with spaceworthy “rocket science” data-handling techniques & assistance from ESA engineers and data scientists in the area of advanced operations concepts.

Rapidly deploy AI solutions

Say goodbye to the tedious task of labelling datasets. Unlike typical AI approaches, our AI Engine eliminates the need for time consuming labelling tasks and model building. Instead, it builds on a simple pattern interpretation exercise that fits seamlessly into existing workflows from day one.

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Our patented generic AI approach autonomously detects both known and unknown patterns of significance in structured and unstructured time-series data, without prior access to training data. No complex coding or costly data labelling requirements means new solutions can be spun out rapidly and valuable insights are generated in a matter of days!

Building solutions with the world's best companies is simply part of our partnership approach.

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The OPT/NET AI engine enables you to rapidly create useful AI solutions that deliver insights in real-time.
All Data Types
The OPT/NET AI engine detects both known & unknown patterns in both structured as well as unstructured time-series data.
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You don't need to be a data scientist or AI expert to get a useful AI solution up and running in no time!
Our clients + partners have massive datasets, and extensive expertise in tackling industry-specific challenges. Our engineers have the most powerful generic AI platform at their disposal, and the skills and willingness to understand new and challenging environments. We’re able to integrate new data streams into our award-winning AI platform, learn and optimise workflows, and generate valuable operational results in days instead of months.

Accolades & Recognition

Winner - 2018 Copernicus Masters Emergency Management Challenge
“TSAR AI was selected on the basis of its high potential to contribute concretely to the development of the Copernicus emergency service, showing a high maturity both as a technical project and a business structure”.

Françoise Villette - Policy Officer, European Commission

Winner - 2017 Copernicus Masters Security Challenge
"The jury selected OPTOSS as the winner of this challenge because it deals with large amounts of observational data under stressful conditions. These conditions increase the risk of failing to detect a threat. In this context OPTOSS may close the current gap that exists for the Copernicus Emergency and Security Services with regard to situational awareness and intelligence in critical situations. We congratulate the winner & wish the project a quick uptake."

Ivan Konaktchiev
- Policy Officer, European Commission

The OPT/NET team is proud to have been recognised by the European Commission as a first-class innovator! Our first H2020 EIC Accelerator (Horizon 2020: the EU’s research and innovation funding programme) proposal was deemed worthy of investment, however budget limits ultimately prevented us from being funded at this stage. As such, we have been awarded the Seal of Excellence, which recognises the value of the proposal and helps other funding bodies take advantage of the extremely stringent Horizon 2020 evaluation process.

Top 30 in the Global IBM Watson AI Xprize Competition
“This competition has made it evident that the teams’ efforts to apply AI for Good not only started the trend, but created a global movement. We’re proud to see humans rallying together to build responsible and useful AI that will solve some of the grandest challenges of our time.”

Amir Banifatemi
, General Manager for Innovation and Growth at XPRIZE

AIaaS Use Cases

Emergency Management

We built the award-winning TSAR AI platform - to help emergency & disaster response teams work quicker, smarter, & more effectively through the use of Earth Observation Data.

TSAR AI has gained traction with the European Commission as well as the renowned X-Prize competition.

Smart Agriculture

The MultifunctiONal aI plaTform fOr eaRth obsErvation Data (MONITORED AI) provides a variety of services to help monitor arable farmlands quicker, smarter, and more effectively. We empower users by combining the analysis of massive amounts of rich geospatial data with in-situ sensor data, providing a holistic and insightful dashboard overview of their most prized assets.

Sustainable Mining

As part of a broader consortium of 16 European companies & research partners — we were granted €8.4M by the European Commission to participate in a 3Y H2020 project that develops an AI platform for the monitoring and analysis of mine sites across Europe in order to improve the safety, environmental impact and profitability of mines by creating a platform that combines Earth observation technologies with on-site sensing.

Maritime Monitoring

In June of 2020, OPT/NET was awarded a contract by the European Space Agency to research the technical & commercial feasibility of our proposed solution to illegal fishing. The AI-driven solution - MONITORED AI - integrates Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery and Automatic Identification System (AIS) data to autonomously detect dark vessels and spot suspicious behavior at sea.