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Critical AI

Navigate oceans of data, uncover valuable insights, and make intelligent decisions in real-time

Monitor & Manage Critical Networks

OptOSS AI is an AIOps platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that enables E2E monitoring, analysis and management of complex critical networks in real time.

Rapidly deploy AI solutions

We forge meaningful relationships with a wide variety of enterprise customers and partners to empower them towards achieving more with their data, and enable them to rapidly launch custom AI Solutions.

Built for experts,
by experts

Our team comprises telecom network experts with >50Y experience in serving and protecting complex networks all over the globe. This, in tandem with our collaborations with ESA, SBIC and the UvA, enabled us to develop advanced carrier-grade AI solutions based on a patented multi-dimensional AI approach rooted in quantum principles.

We meet the toughest problems head on together with our global partners, customers and sponsors.

We are driven by a desire to forge meaningful long-term relationships with our partners & customers
Before any deployment, we first establish the business and operational value delivered
Hit the ground running with our commercial off-the-shelf AI solutions that negate the need for training data
We deliver carrier-grade AI solutions that are highly performant even as they scale to full production

Launch Mission

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