The AIOps platform
for critical networks

Unlock superhuman abilities for your Ops teams and ensure the continuity of your critical IT infrastructures

As complexity increases exponentially...

Oceans of data
The amount of network data traffic is growing exponentially in terms of variety, velocity and volume
Network virtualisation
The network backplane is becoming virtual, increasing flexibility and automation, but also complexity
Real-time decisions
Important decisions affecting network performance, costs and UX, need to be made in real time

...Network Operators need help keeping up.

3 of 4
Service issues are reported by end users first
Average Network outages per operator per year
1.5% of Revenue
Is spent on rectifying outages on an annual basis

Introducing OptOSS AI - the most complete AI driven Ops platform for monitoring, analysing and managing complex networks in real time.

Intelligently supplement your event correlation, analysis, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis activities across any IT infrastructure - e.g. mobile, fixed, cloud, datacenter infrastructures. Deliver actionable intelligence on issues brewing in the stack before your customers complain, and benefit from task automation/knowledge management at scale to achieve operational excellence.
Reduction in
risk of outages
Detect anomalous activity in your traffic, spot 'patient zero' before the service is impacted
MTTR reduction
for incidents
Intelligently trace back impact to root-causes and understand your network like never before
Operational efficiency boost
Automate >50% of the workloads occurring frequently on your network, and focus on black-swan events
Faster rollout of new services
Gain vision on misconfigurations & identify focus areas. Cut down the time to test and launch new services by years!

Gain clarity from complexity

Complex systems output massive amounts of data, leaving operators to navigate an ocean of noise and false alarms. Instead of blindly filtering the noise OptOSS AI collects, sorts and intelligently contextualises your data streams. Unravel actionable insights across your entire IT infrastructure in real-time with OptOSS AI.

Unlock Ops superpowers

Operators can’t deal with TB's of data per day. OptOSS AI autonomously analyses your streaming data for you, and groups it into manageable anomaly clusters. The platform then provides a full visual narrative for each anomaly cluster, giving Ops the full story they need to react faster, smarter, and more effectively.

Find the needle in the haystack

3 in 4 IT errors are first picked up by end users. OptOSS AI detects potential issues in real-time, and allows your teams to mitigate proactively instead of reactively. The “Black Box” of data that previously is only examined for forensic purposes, can now be used in real-time to prevent disruptions before they cascade into full-blown outages.

Customer Testimonials

"OptOSS AI has proven to be useful in a test in the VfZ network. There is a huge opportunity to improve on early detection of outages and time to repair.".
Wilco Dekker, Manager Technology Strategy VodafoneZiggo

“With OptOSS AI, we shortened systems tuning and
commissioning time from weeks to days.'"

Adam Rizika, COO Vidscale

“OptOSS AI may close the current gap that exists for the Copernicus Emergency and Security Services with regard to situational awareness and intelligence in critical situations."
Ivan Konaktchiev, Policy Officer
European Commission

Key features overview

OptOSS AI was built by experts for experts. Our experience in the field directly influenced the features and characteristics of the OptOSS AI platform. In short, the platform was built to enable anyone working with complex networks and streaming data to get started as quickly as possible, and never have to worry about what happens as the system scales.

Key Features & Benefits
OptOSS AI is a commercial off-the-shelf AI platform that can be rapidly deployed virtually or on premises.
Data Ingestion
Data Management
Data Processing (ML)
No Training Data
Avoid the model-training hassle, work with raw data from day 1
Detect Unknowns
Automate known errors away, uncover never before seen patterns
Own Your Data
Your data is never used to train any models other than your own
Ingest and process >50,000 separate data-points/second
Ingest data natively from >10,000  devices & monitor all critical systems
Complete network discovery in mins, 2-3s to detect any anomalous activity
Process 1 Million individual events daily per €100 hardware investment (Rule of thumb)

OptOSS AI Use Cases

Operations Support

OptOSS AI supports your Ops teams and helps them achieve operational excellence. Save massive costs by avoiding disruptions, empower your Operators with intelligent insights, and automate away the mundane & repetitive tasks.

Root Cause Analysis

OptOSS AI helps teams get to the bottom of complex incidents and outages faster and with more context. Recognize known anomalies and uncover unknown anomalies across your network, and reduce incident MTTR by orders of magnitude. Enhance operational efficiency by turbo-boosting your incident detection and remediation capacities, maintain the continuity of your services, and maximise the end-user experience on your network.

Anomaly Detection & Clustering

Detect known anomalies, as well as uncovering new and unknown patterns of anomalous activity across your network. Reduce alert fatigue, and allow operators to focus on what's important.

Intelligent Alert Escalation & Routing

Automate alerting and escalation procedures for any known and repeating incidents. Trigger real-time corrective deep-dive analyses that would typically only happen after customers start complaining, and avoid unnecessary disruptions altogether.

Your Use Case

Do you already have something specific in mind, or would you like to benchmark OptOSS AI against your own internal tooling? Don't hesitate to reach out and find out how we can help you integrate AIOps and deliver operational excellence!