OptOSS AI 7.1.0 - Release

May 10, 2023

We’re excited to announce our  new release of OptOSS AI version 7.1.0❗ 

We have added several new features which aim to help our customers monitor their network holistically, conduct trend analysis, and improve the efficiency of anomaly clustering and classification! ⬇

🚀 What's New?

​1. Anomalous Trends Analysis widgets

In our daily life we are used to looking at the temperature and pressure in order to understand the weather and to make forecasts about storms.  If your network was a weather system, what tools would you use to see the storm forming?

There are two new “steam-gages” in OptOSS AI now, which Provide Anomaly and Severity trends visualisation for the selected time period (ranging from 1 hour to 1 year), which could be used as an Monitoring Dashboards indicator for quick detection on major brewing network storms and many other issues.

You can configure levels (Good, Warning and Alarm zones) and apply different filters (by device tag, cluster tag, type and action).

2.  Cluster classifier. Save/restore prior classifications

Comparing “beans with beans” is a tedious and laborious task. Comparing clusters has a lot in common - it is tedious and laborious too. 

This new component allows not only comparing different clusters by similarity, but also saving and restoring cluster classifications for the future re-use. This saves a lot of efforts for domain experts and engineers working with classification of unknown and new clusters.

3. Hyper parameters search (beta early access)

Tuning a musical instrument like royale piano takes training and a method to it. The same can be said about seeking the most optimal parameters for unsupervised ML AI.

This feature allows us to automatically find the best hyper-parameters that are most suitable for the particular dataset from the system under monitoring. This manual approach is replaced by an automatic one and the operator will be able to decide which options are best suited for a particular case from a broad set of options.

4. OptOSS AI Manager: Anomaly impact attribution extraction for multi-domain environments

End-2-End network visibility in complex telecom environments covers multiple technology domains as one umbrella solution. High and medium level managers get the ability to see the impact of anomalous activities on the entire managed telecom environment from a single centralised dashboard, and they will be informed about the impact caused by anomalies from lower level instances.

⭐ Enhancements:

 - Geo mapping alfa preview (alfa)  - geo visualisation for anomalies

🚢 Coming 🔜 in the next releases:

​ - Trends Analysis (new diagrams);

 - Automatic Hyperparameters search (workflow simplification and visualisation improvement for operators);

 - further GUI usability improvements;

 - and much more.

Contact us via email 📧 to have a personal 🔥 Live Demo 🔥, to see  the new features for yourself! 😉