OptOSS AI 7.0.0 - Release

February 22, 2023

Today, we are pleased to announce major release version 7.0.0 of OptOSS AI - our AIOps platform for monitoring, analysing, and managing critical IT-networks!

What's New?

​1.  Hierarchical implementation for multi domain environments (OptOSS AI Manager instance):

Provides complete  End-2-End network visibility in complex telecom environments covering multiple technology domains as one umbrella solution. Users can now manage their entire telecom environment from a single centralised dashboard and Anomaly CT Scan panels, consisting of several instances of OptOSS AI deployed hierarchically.

2.  Cluster classifier:

The new component allows comparing different clusters by similarity. This is achieved via computation of the AI performance metrics over time. These metrics are continuously updated and can be observed on the dashboard. It helps telecom Operators to find similar Anomaly Clusters, group them intelligently, and apply group classification actions.

​3.  New AI Knowledge Packs:

The new AI Knowledge Packs cover Ethernet and Wireless spreading issues, including interface flaps and un-accessibility of the wireless controllers among others.

4. AI Performance Metrics:

Clusters performance metrics have been introduced to help estimate AI performance via purpose made AI performance  scoring. Users can group/filter clusters by cluster name, vendor, and protocol. 


- Configurations and backend Settings have been converted to YAML format;

- Enhanced streaming data Clusterisation algorithm.

Coming soon in the next releases:

​- Trends Analysis;

- Automatic Hyperparameters search;

- GUI usability improvements; 

- (Classifier) Save/Restore classifications;

- (Hierarchical) Anomaly Attribution extraction.

Contact us via email 📧 to have a personal 🔥 Live Demo 🔥, to see  the new features for yourself!