OPT/NET — Ushering in a new era of Expertise

May 21, 2020

The Printing Press — the 1st major paradigm shift in scaling human expertise

Look at all that knowledge!

The first major step in scaling human expertise was catalysed by the invention of the printing press in 1440. Before, expertise in any domain was developed through direct observation (i.e. apprenticeship). Books existed, but writing was a practice reserved for monks, historians, and nobility. The invention of the printing press meant that knowledge could be documented, rapidly reproduced & shared in the form of books. This made existing expertise widely accessible & distributable, revolutionising the medium of knowledge exchange forever.

Artificial Intelligence — the next major paradigm shift in scaling human expertise

We believe the next major leap in scaling human knowledge and expertise will involve Artificial Intelligence. AI technology has the potential to empower humans, however, many challenges still plague its adoption. The majority of AI solutions rely on Deep Learning. Deep Learning approaches require massive labelled training data sets, are tailored to one specific use-case & are unsuited to deal with new or unpredictable environments. Similarly, before the invention of the printing press, books for a new subject took years to write, months to produce a single copy, & writers had to devote themselves to one specific subject.

OPT/NET’s role in this shift

At OPT/NET, we deliver the next generation of AI: a hybrid platform which combines the processing & automation capabilities of AI with the natural problem-solving abilities of humans. Just like the printing press changed the way humans acquire and distribute knowledge, OPT/NET has laid the groundwork for the mass proliferation of Artificial Intelligence by flipping Deep Learning on its head.

The OPT/NET AI Engine is the easy AI solution for your hardest problems

The OPT/NET AI-as-a-Service Engine

Our patented generic AI approach autonomously detects patterns of significance in any time-series data without the prerequisite of model training. Forget about labelling massive AI training data-sets to feed your model. The OPT/NET AI-aaS Engine turns the complex process of moving from raw data to insights into an intuitive pattern interpretation exercise. Our proprietary AI-aaS Engine is able to sift through any time-series data-set, and cluster it into distinct groups of patterns. Through an intuitive GUI, domain experts can then help the AI to interpret the significance of each presented cluster, & can automate appropriate alerting, analysis, or reaction protocols.

This process allows any domain expert to interpret any time-series data, without being a data scientist. Experts can effectively “distil” their domain specific expertise using our platform into what we call a “Knowledge Pack”. Knowledge Packs make access to AI-assisted domain expertise as easy as purchasing a book on Amazon.

At OPT/NET we are AI experts. Since our incorporation in 2018 we have worked together with leading experts and partners in a variety of domains to develop several distinct Knowledge Packs as proof of the power of our generic platform approach. Our AI-engine has been leveraged to facilitate near-real time analytics solutions for: Smart Agriculture, Network Management, Emergency Management, and more. We continue to look for companies and domain experts across all industry verticals who want to leverage our patented AI-aaS engine to rapidly interpret the patterns in their data to develop their own Knowledge Packs.

The bottom line

For the first time in human history, there is now the very real possibility to preserve, distribute, and automate data-driven expertise at a future-proof scale. If that is something that excites you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more!